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(A game inspired by concepts provided to me by my daughter, Freya.)

NEW ZINE FORMAT RELEASED!  Updated to v2.0.1 with art, text corrections and rule edits. Full-sized "Letter" and "A4" update versions and core Play Materials RELEASED!

The capable heroines of the Princess Council struggle against enemies and expectations as they strive to find their place in the world or create one of their own; working together, they will weave the tapestry of Princess World and attempt to thwart the dark forces of The Fade.

Princess World is a Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) tabletop role-playing game of fantastic adventure that explores the power of truth and words.  Players take the roles of various princesses, each with unique outlooks, strengths, and abilities, who act as exemplars of their own realms while trying to solve problems in the greater world.

The Short Story Edition is a complete game for a fun evening of play, but presumes the game master has knowledge and experience with games based on the Apocalypse World engine.  The future Whole Story Edition will contain all information needed to play longer games without any PbtA experience.

The following Princesses are included in this edition:

  • The Proper Princess - dignified, noble, and elegant
  • The Pirate Princess - adventurous, sharp, and dangerous
  • The Fairy Princess - free-spirited, enchanting, and unpredictable
  • The Space Princess - capable, knowledgeable, and innovative
  • The Skateboard Princess - audacious, ready, and independent

This edition is being release to generate funds for initial custom artwork and graphic design for the Whole Story Edition.


  • The Knight Princess - stalwart, persistent, and honorable
  • The Warrior Princess - brave, tough, and steadfast
  • The Shadow Princess - observant,  resourceful, and mysterious
  • The Pauper Princess - versatile, tenacious, and resilient

This game is for anyone ages 8 and up and has been played and enjoyed by kids, adults, and everyone in between. 

You can listen to an actual play podcast here: 

FANDIBLE - Princess World: Queens & Krakens

The Short Story Edition is now available in Japanese!  Many thanks to Toshiya Nakamura for their translating skills and efforts.

The rulebook and play documents are provided in both A4 and Letter sized format.

UPDATED -  v2.0.1 Rulebook: 44 pages plus cover (22 double sided sheets + 2 cover sheets)

UPDATED - v2.0.1 Zine Format: 44 pages plus cover (11+1 double sided sheets)

UPDATED - v2.0.1 Play Materials: 14 pages (7 double sided sheets)

UPDATED - v2.0.1 Additional Play Materials: 8 pages (4 double sided sheets)

Japanese Rulebook v1.1.1: 50 pages


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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PrincessWorld_ShortStoryEdition_JP_v1.1.1_A4_Format.zip 6 MB

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